Backup and Recovery Solutions

Small and medium businesses are suffering from regular backups of their critical business data. Very often, there is no dedicated IT personnel and office staff need to take care of data management. As office staff have to concentrate on their daily business, backups are either performed rarely or are not done at all.

Backup System and removable disk systems that build a comprehensive and flexible data protection solution for small and medium businesses. They are easy to install and easy to use and ideal for operation even for non-IT personnel. The removability of RDX offers full protection against local disasters and malware attacks. Further security features can be implemented by additional software.

Solution Benefits
  1. - Complete data protection solution with media rotation and off-site storage for SMB environments.
  2. - Compliance: enable business to meet regulatory and GDPR requirements.
  3. - Future proof: easily scales as your data grows.
  4. - Simplicity: easy to install and use.
  5. - Security options: protects against virus and ransomware attacks as well as against unauthorized data access.
Why Backup is important

Businesses data are the most important assets of a company. Data protection is essential in order to continue after a catastrophic data loss event. Data loss could mean the loss of information which can never be recovered or rebuilt. There are endless reasons for data loss or a partial data loss, for example, a Ransomware attack could lock your data, a user could accidentally or purposely delete data that is important to continue with your business and hardware and/or software solutions and updates can cause data loss or delay in business continuity. A good backup strategy is vital for business stability and should be incorporated as part of every business continuity plan.