Comet for IT and Office Supplies are a value added reseller provides total end-to-end IT Solutions and business needs. We are a company established by a group of Veterans with specific goal to give real service to its customers.

In Comet we are looking to offer our customers the best technology and experience in this domain either physical security and access controls or logical security assessment focusing on customers CIA confidentially, integrity and availability and keeping them under appropriate level. We recruit all our experience to help our customers to build their network to serve their current and future needs, by analyzing their business and putting all factors in front of us we guarantee that we will suggest the proper solutions which will keep them satisfied. We understand the business to IT relation, so we provide our customers with all required systems and services to facilitate their business.

In comet we believe the workspace and facility management are major factors in business in terms of company image and employee satisfaction. So we provide internal design for offices and implement all decoration and furniture needs.